Monday, July 26, 2010

Starting Out

My sister, Frankie, had been begging for a dog for over 3 months. On Columbus Day Weekend, my family went to the Atlanta Humane Society. My sister picked out this miniature Austrailian Shepered, which she name BraveHeart. Right across from him was this really skinny, dirty, mangy, minature poodle mix. His name was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We ended up getting him and he became my own dog. We took him to the vet and had a fever and pnuemonia. He almost died. When he was released, but still sick, I took great care of him and he became much more stronger and happier. FDR was about 6 when we got him and had spent his life in a puppy mill. Since he had lived in a cage for his entire life, he wasn't used to going potty outside so he peeing and pooped a lot inside and out. He's gotten better, but he still tends to pee. He went to a dog trainer, but it didn't really do much. My mother decided to do another method. The grounded method.

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