Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 6

This day was a lot like the last two days. Tonight, the weather was really nice so I went on a long walk with all 4 dogs. While I was walking back, I realized a bunch of things.

-Franklin's crate is like an elevator. He stays in there more because he feels more secure and thats part of being grounded. He doesn't like me pushing his buttons a lot. Last night, he spilt his food in his crate. I tried picking it up and after a while, he started growling at me, so I stopped. I realized I was pushing his buttons to much. When I open this door to his elevator and he doesn't come out, I have to be more grounded and patient and wait for him to come out.

- Dogs like walking with a bunch of dogs. Its makes them feel safer. They like being together which is a part of being grounded.

- Franklin doesn't pee that much anymore. He tends to stay in his crate cause as you know, he's a little guy in a big big world. Even when he comes out, he doesn't sniff.

-And lastly, you can't force a dog to become grounded.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Race

We had another race today and BraveHeart was in the lead with Sadie close behind. Then, my neighbor was walking to dogs(one being very aggressive). BraveHeart ran by and then came back when Cleo(the aggressive one) started barking aggressively. It turned into a very aggressive barking war until I rescued FDR, than Bravy, then got Sadie, and accidently let go of Bravy, and Maya grabbed Sadie, and I grabbed Bravy. We kinda finished the race with BraveHeart and Sadie tying.

Days 4/5

Sorry about not blogging for a while. Pretty busy. I took some videos and will be adding them tomorrow. Franklin tends to stay in his crate more. I don't know why. We have a new dog for a week (and hopefully forever). Her name is Sadie and she is a Jack Russel Terrier Weiner Dog Mix. She likes my Dad, a lot. All the dogs like her and her and BraveHeart seem to french kiss. (as Frankie calls it) Overnight, FDR used to bark and growl at BraveHeart. Their crates were right next to each other. I moved them apart and the problem stopped. Well, thats all for today.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 3

Now that I've started this whole grounded thing, it seems that Franklin is in total zen mood around me. He still gets excited around people, but he's not as hyper. He's started to think of me more as the alpha-dog. Please enjoy this video.

Day 3

I began my investigation today. I won't tell you what I learned. I made a video for proof and can't wait to post it. Maybe I'll post it later today. We got the video camera today. Haven't used it yet. I'll post some pictures of FDR soon. More news later today.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 2

Still a little clueless. GUESS WHAT? We are probably going to get a video camera and record some videos for y'all. Not much really happened today. FDR does seem more calm. I noticed that when I'm there, he stays in his crate. But when I leave, he wanders out and ends up on the couch. Is he peeing in between? My investigation will begin tommorow. I think that since I've been walking him more that he's not as hyper. He's always tired. (You can't blame him. He's old)Should I stop letting him pee so much on walks?

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Race

Tonight, when we took our dogs on a walk, we had a race to see who could get into the garage the fastest. It started off with Harmony in the lead and BraveHeart close behind. FDR didn't budge. Harmony and BraveHeart started playing with each other in the middle of the road. A car was coming, so I grabbed their collars and ran to the other side of the road. Frankie was holdong FDR. After that, we started over. Harmony and BraveHeart ran really really fast. I could not keep up. While I was running, I saw FDR sprinting. (thats a ton ton for such a little dude) Harmony and Bravy started playing with each other beforre they reached the garage. All 3 dogs entered the garage at the same time. So, all in all, it was a 3-way tie. YAY!

Starting Out

My sister, Frankie, had been begging for a dog for over 3 months. On Columbus Day Weekend, my family went to the Atlanta Humane Society. My sister picked out this miniature Austrailian Shepered, which she name BraveHeart. Right across from him was this really skinny, dirty, mangy, minature poodle mix. His name was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We ended up getting him and he became my own dog. We took him to the vet and had a fever and pnuemonia. He almost died. When he was released, but still sick, I took great care of him and he became much more stronger and happier. FDR was about 6 when we got him and had spent his life in a puppy mill. Since he had lived in a cage for his entire life, he wasn't used to going potty outside so he peeing and pooped a lot inside and out. He's gotten better, but he still tends to pee. He went to a dog trainer, but it didn't really do much. My mother decided to do another method. The grounded method.

Day 1

I'm still wondering what to do to get FDR to stop peeing. I took him on a walk this morning and he likes to sniff and pee like 20 times. He only pees in the house when I'm not with him. I think he's just marking his territory. I brushed him today. He didn't enjoy it, but tolerated it for 5 minutes, then went to this crate. I was trying to put his harness back on him, and then he came out. I haven't worked with him today yet. I'm still a bit clueless. This could take some time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Before Day 1

A few hours ago at dinner, my Mom proposed this idea that we train our dogs to be grounded. She wants my dog, FDR, to stop lifting his leg in the house. I will get rewarded, but I think the actual reward is that he will be able to roam around the house. I have 2 weeks for me to get FDR to stop peeing in the house. I have to work with him for at least 2 hours each day. It seems quite easy, but the hard part is how? How do I get him to stop lifting his leg? Right now, I have really no clue. I guess he could be near me all day while I do stuff. I just hope in the end that it works.