Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 6

This day was a lot like the last two days. Tonight, the weather was really nice so I went on a long walk with all 4 dogs. While I was walking back, I realized a bunch of things.

-Franklin's crate is like an elevator. He stays in there more because he feels more secure and thats part of being grounded. He doesn't like me pushing his buttons a lot. Last night, he spilt his food in his crate. I tried picking it up and after a while, he started growling at me, so I stopped. I realized I was pushing his buttons to much. When I open this door to his elevator and he doesn't come out, I have to be more grounded and patient and wait for him to come out.

- Dogs like walking with a bunch of dogs. Its makes them feel safer. They like being together which is a part of being grounded.

- Franklin doesn't pee that much anymore. He tends to stay in his crate cause as you know, he's a little guy in a big big world. Even when he comes out, he doesn't sniff.

-And lastly, you can't force a dog to become grounded.

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